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How to choose the best roof colour

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Start by Balancing Your Property

You don’t want your roof to become oppressive to the rest of your property. If it is too bright or to contrasting to the rest of your property’s colour scheme, then it will become a distracting focal point. What you are shooting for is a nice balance between your roof and the rest of your property. The roof should complement what is already in place. The bigger your roof is, the truer this will be, and you will need to use more muted colours to achieve balance.

Create a Natural Look

You have to take in your surroundings when choosing a roof colour. If you live in a wooded area, then a nice green or brown will work perfectly. If you live in a rocky or sandy area, then grey or light browns would be a better fit.

You want your roof and the rest of your home to feel like it fits naturally with your surroundings. Otherwise, they will become an eyesore. Choosing the proper roof colour is the key to that.

Colouring for Brick Houses

If you have a brick house, you will need to take a different tack with your colouring methods. You don’t want your roof colour to clash with the bricks, so you will need to match them up. Now bricks are often a few different colours, and your roof does not need to be as varied. Instead, pick a single pigment within your bricks and use that to set the tone for the roof.

Sometimes Contrast Is Okay

Many modern homes use contrasting looks to really stand out and become unique. If that is the kind of look you want to go for, then you should start by choosing the roof colour before the exterior colour. That’s because roof colours are far more limited.

Colour Can Set the Temperature

The colour your use for your roof can do more than just make your house look appealing. It can also have an effect on the temperature inside your home. In colder climes, a darker colour will seal in the heat. For those warmer places, light colours work best, providing natural cooling.

These steps for choosing colour are just starters. You can get a lot more great advice from asking an experienced designer or painter. 

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