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How to choose the best roof colour

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Like any home renovation, choosing the right roof colour to suit your home’s façade can be a challenge. Luckily, the team at Platinum Roof Coatings can help guide you in the right direction by providing expert advice developed over years of servicing the greater Perth area.

Below is a quick guide to help get you started on choosing the right colours for your roof.

Balancing Your Property

You don’t want your roof to become an eyesore and detract from the rest of your property. If your roof colour it is too bright or contrasts with the overall colour scheme of your home’s façade, then it will become a distracting focal point — something you want to avoid. The aim of choosing the right colour for your home is to complement the existing façade. Finding the right shade will ensure you find the most desirable balance between your roof, façade, and the architecture of your property. And remember, the size of your roof will also affect your colour choice. For example, the bigger your roof, the more muted colours required to achieve the perfect balance.

Creating a Natural Look

The surrounding environment also needs to be taken into account when choosing a roof colour. For example, if you live in a wooded area, then a gorgeous shade of green or brown will work perfectly, helping you achieve a balance between your home and its surrounds. If you live in a rocky or sandy area, then grey or light browns would be better suited for such environments. Again, the aim is to avoid using contrasting roof colours that are too bold and do not complement the environment. Your overall aim should be for your roof and the rest of your home to feel like it organically and naturally exists in harmony with your surroundings.

Colouring for Brick Houses

Brick houses require special treatment when choosing a roof colour, as you want to avoid the roof clashing with the brick colour. Given bricks usually have a few different shades running through them, the best option is to pick a single pigment within your bricks and use that shade to choose a roof tile colour, setting the perfectly balanced tone for your roof.

When to use Contrasting Colours

Nowadays, modern homes adopt contrasting looks to stand out and highlight their uniqueness in the streetscape. If this is the look you want to achieve, we advise that you start by choosing the roof shade before you decide on your home’s exterior colour. This is because roof colour options are far more limited than façade colour options.

Colour Effects on the Temperature

Not only is the colour of your roof important for the overall appeal of your home, it can also affect the temperature inside your home. For example, darker colours help seal in the heat in colder climates while lighter shades work best for warmer climates, as they help provide natural cooling.

Roof and Attendant Parts

As a general rule of thumb, your roof and gutters should be the same shade because your home’s gutters are not an architectural detail that you should highlight.  If you do prefer to highlight your gutters, the best advice is to match the colour with the fascia to create cohesion and balance. This will help avoid introducing too many colours to your exterior, which can often look confusing and create an eyesore. Again, it’s best to start with your roof colour and choose balancing, complementary colours for the rest of your exterior to create a balanced look that blends beautifully into the streetscape and surrounds — unless you are going for a unique look!

These are the first decisions you need to make before committing to a roof colour. The Platinum Roof Coatings team can provide the right advice so contact our professional roofing technicians today. At Platinum Roof Coatings you’re not just buying a great service, your buying over 40 years’ worth of invaluable experience.

Platinum Roof Coatings — your most trusted one-stop roof restoration and repair shop.

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